How Elriana was started

Founded by Dailami Daniel and Ju Ariana in 2015 when the both of them are making names in Malaysia through their respective expertise. They are both big players in Malaysia’s Youth Development and Volunteerism and their enthusiasm had made them being awarded with various prestigious awards. Their eagerness to give more to the Malaysian society was driven by the satisfaction they had over the impact given to the community through their legacy.

Early Establishment          

Even though each one of them has their own advantages and uniqueness they also share the same passion and interest towards entrepreneurship. They started out years before the birth of ELRIANA thus having years of ups and downs as business partners have made them realized that they are true business-people at heart.

During the earlier year after they established, ELRIANA starts out by carrying out “training & consultancy” services where they were focusing on ‘Personal & Career Development” field. These two ‘Youth Icons’ were so in demand and was always invited to share their knowledge, experience and secrets to many successes that they have had at such young age throughout the nations. So they wanted to make full use of their advantage through each training and sharing sessions that was conducted. To no one’s surprise their words have positively impacted many people. More impressively, they were still university students at that time trying to finish their Bachelor Degrees in respective fields. Their first business went well as they are a believer of their own potential so they wanted to walk further to see where the limit is. Even though it means more obstacles for them they are going to finish what they had started.

Turning Point

 Their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs while they are working for someone else and also university students felt like wearing three hats at one time as the challenges faced were so hard to the point many sacrifices needed to be made. There was a time where they were running around everywhere to catch every single opportunities given to them in order to build their own legacy and there was also a time where they will just sit in silence when they already cannot bear the burden while making hard decisions every day in between their responsibilities and wanting to chase for their dreams.

They realized that academics are important for the future but they don’t want to be a speaker without brain. By this time both Dailami and Ju Ariana has started working. To them work are important to continue day to day goals and it is even more vital because they need money to start doing business! Eventually they started their business without having anything because it is a dream and they want to make it a reality.

However, the sky is not always blue as there will come a time when it turns grey. The planning that was made beforehand doesn’t mean that it will go on smoothly without bumps on the road as they seemed to be losing their focus and ways. They need to think hard on which one to let go and to hold on into thus they chose to quit their job to keep their focus on the newly start-up venture.


ELRIANA-Precious Series

JA        : “I am feeling sad today”

DD      : “Please don’t be. We have to believe that every cloud has a silver lining because difficult times always lead to better days”

JA        : “I am not sure now. Maybe because we are still very much disoriented so it seems like we have lost our direction. We have tried so many things but none of it goes in our way.”


*long silence


JA        : “Exactly what do we love to do? What do you like, Dailami?”

DD      : “I like to eat. Snacking snacks” *big laughter

JA        : “Yes indeed Dailami. We love to have snacks so that’s what we have to do!”


Their somber morning suddenly became like a rainbow after the heavy rain when they were talking about ‘snacks’. They were both sharing old memories on their favorite snacks and it is easy to say that throughout one’s life they can’t get away growing without having a snack or two. Without realizing when one of them said some things about popcorn they were very much excited. Popcorns are eaten by sharing while watching movies with your loved ones, while sharing the excitement to watch new movies with friends and families and children who are just happy with their bags of popcorns that have really good caramelized smell and of course without a doubt, it is delicious!


DD      : “But it is hard to get popcorn that’s really scrumptious. I know a brand but it is   very expensive!”

JA        : “Yeah most of the popcorn I ate were very plain and lack of the yummy yellow caramel coating. I would eat first and leave the plain ones and the seeds to the others.”

Popcorn problems that we have identified were put into a list that looks like this:

  • Not crunchy enough
  • Light as cotton
  • Uneven coating of flavors
  • Still have seeds that doesn’t pop
  • Easy to be soggy
  • Can’t be keep long enough
  • Popcorns were coated with artificial flavors and contained MSG
  • Lack of serving variations. Only as snacks.
  • Limited consumption as it is only easy to get at movie theatres


There were too many setbacks just for the sake of a bucket of popcorn in the current markets. We feel obliged to solve these problems that were faced by millions of people who are not happy with the popcorns they eat and more importantly hard to get.




Premium.Delicious.“Yang Teristimewa”.


Even though ELRIANA is just like a newborn baby, they are now building themselves a popcorn empire as they offer premium flavored popcorns to the whole of Malaysia and continue to rise up when they launched PRECIOUS Popcorn in February 2017.

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